9/11 Observation

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I decided to choose the 9/11 memorial area as my observation site, living in New York City my whole life, I felt like this was the most significant place to observe for this particular project. The physical location of the memorial is located right in the Financial District of Lower Manhattan, and to no surprise, the area is very well organized to attract tourists. Just about every part of the space is being used by the pedestrians during the busy hours. The design of the area is well thought out, the two main pools where the World Trade Center use to be is surrounded by the new buildings and the relatively new museum, this makes every part of the new experience easy and very accessible during the tour (if you pay for it of course). Almost…show more content…
The two pools are perhaps the most significant objects at the location due to the fact they were built right at the footprints of where the World Trade Center buildings use to sit. A museum is also present in between the two pools; this is where the visitors and tourist would go if they decided to purchase a ticket for the general tour. The new One World Trade Center (Freedom Tower) is also present; it is located several feet north of the North Pool and is 1776 feet tall. An interesting fun fact about the height of the tower is that it resembles the year our nation’s Declaration of Independence was signed. The Freedom Tower also went on to become the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere, surpassing the Willis Tower in Chicago. Also, other World Trade Center buildings are present such as number two, four and seven. The third building is still currently under construction. The finishing touches of the objects present at the location would be the trees and the benches. These two make the site relaxing due to its beautiful scenery and the benches allow the visitors to really just sit back and enjoy their moment of being there. Not a lot of interaction goes on at the site; the most common one would be tourists asking others to take a picture of them and their friends/family with the pools and/or skyscrapers. One particular interaction that that stuck out was when a woman said to her husband “Can you believe it has been 14

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