9/11 Personal Response

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Personal Response:
I thought this was a good book and it got right to the point. I liked how the author made Lucas 's family a part of the fire department. It gave it an inside look on how the firefighters were affected. I really liked that there were facts about the real September 11th at the very end of the book.

Lucas was on his way to see Uncle Benny to talk to him about football. When he got there Lucas saw a plane flying low, headed right for the World Trade Center. Uncle Benny told Lucas to stay at the fire station while the rest of the firefighters went to the scene. Lucas couldn 't stay behind and watch on tv because, he was worried. Once he got to the Twin Towers he saw his dad. When one of the towers fell his dad got them
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He also enjoyed being at the firehouse with his father and Uncle Benny. On September 11, 2001 two planes hit the World Trade Center. After the plane hit there were airplane parts such as a tire laying in the street. Lucas and his father hid in a store when one of the towers fell down.

Thematic Connection:
I think the connection in this book was to value family. I think this was a reminder that anything bad could happen unexpectedly to a loved one. There were several horrors that day such as four plane crashes and thousands of lives lost. Not only were there thousands of lives lost but many families had to mourn over their losses. People should live their lives to the fullest and be happy with every moment. To tell our family they are loved everyday and not fight over stupid arguments.

I would recommend this book to boys and girls at the middle school age. I feel like this would be good for the high school students, because this tragic event happened when they were very young. I also think it 's important the middle school students should read this, because they should know what happened on that day. It would be educational for the young kids to learn from the book, and ask their parents their

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