9/11 Persuasive Essay

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On the September 11th, 2001, the world stopped as New York City was attacked. The world famous Twin Towers we attacked. Suicidal terrorists hijacked commercial planes and crashed them into the tallest skyscrapers in the country. Thousands died, including the passengers on the planes, the people in the towers, the people in neighboring buildings, the people on the street and many first responders from all five boroughs and neighboring suburbs. One of the busiest cities in the world was at a standstill on that tragic day. People are still dealing with the effects of 9/11. People lost loved ones. Many people are dealing with many health defects. The many that were in the area the day and days after the attacks on the World Trade Center, now…show more content…
That wasn’t based on science, just Washington politics. This caused harm to people because they thought the air was safe. The area should’ve been evacuated, but being of special Washington politics, many more people were exposed to asbestos. Days after, President Bush went to speak to citizens at Ground Zero without a mask, sending a message that it was safe to omit wearing face masks, leading to more exposure of asbestos to people. Neighboring buildings, had dusts on the inside of the buildings for months, leading to many workers with several respirator issues. If the United States government didn’t cut corners with its research and actual air testing, many people lives would’ve been saved today. Lying to the public proved to be a bad decision when it came to the health of the people. They cut corners to save money. They even refused to give masks and ventilators to those who were working down at Ground Zero. The lives lost during 9/11 was a sad and tragic lost for the country caused by terrorist, but the lives of the workers sent to clean and restore Ground Zero after 9/11 was caused by the negligence of the United States of America’s
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