9/11 Reflection Essay

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Tuesday, September 11, 2001 began as a regular day in the United States of America. As a two-year-old child , my morning routine consisted of eating my “Snap, Crackle, Pop” cereal while watching my hero, “Bob the Builder,” make the world a better place. I was told I became very upset when my mother entered the room and changed the channel. She hugged me tightly and cried as we watched airplanes crash into buildings and the sky fill with black smoke. With my childhood innocence intact, I thought it was a “Superman” movie and told my mother that he would come to save the day. I soon learned that my real heroes were the people who lost their lives that day and, like my parents, those who still make sacrifices to fight terrorism in the world. I now realize that 9/11 took away some of that innocence and had a major impact on the world in which I would mature as well as on my individual growth.…show more content…
In my junior English class I had to describe how all the literature we read showed the relationship of man and society in one sentence. My response, "We can either destroy humanity with society or save society with humanity, it's all a matter of the people's ability to care," has become a personal ideology. After college I would like pursue a career with a counter-terrorism organization that strives for world peace. Community service has always been a part of my life and I would like to expand this by joining a veteran organization to help families that are experiencing deployments. I know how difficult it can be, yet I realize it can have positive results. For these reasons, I hope to attend a college, such as yours, with a strong political science and international relations department in order to help me reach my goals. We cannot forget the tragedies of war but we must honor and remember to honor the sacrifices made by our heroes as we work to make the world a better

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