9/11 Reflection

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When a country faces a massacre, everyone is affected directly and indirectly, whether they know it or not. One massacre that changed almost every person in the U.S. was 9/11. After 9/11, Muslims all around the country were treated poorly even by fellow citizens. I was a victim of this widespread ethnic abuse during my middle school years. Although 9/11 happened years before I was even in middle school, the aftermath was still lingering around me. Getting through middle school was a tough time because I was bullied for what I believed in. However, now that I am more mature and older, I realize that surviving my past was actually accomplishment.
My middle school life was the hardest time for me. I was new to the school. During my time throughout
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Both of my parents were always working hard and my teachers were always “looking the other way” and so I was alone. However, I have stayed strong throughout my suffering. There were times where I had thought that suicide was the only way. But, I never actually tried to commit to the idea. A few years later, I am here trying to make my dreams come true. I have come a long way from my depression and I have matured considerably, both physically and mentally. I have finally see people who support me and who have helped me. The surrounding people; my family, my friends and teachers, through them, I have learned more about myself. I have survived and I am here soon turning into an adult. This is my achievement. I have suffered for many years but in the end I am alive. I have survived what many others could not.
In conclusion, I consider my bullying experience as a journey. I have survived the torment. This is because I was being tortured for my race. I lost touch with the world and just didn’t want to do something with my life. I once thought of just throwing my life away. However, now here I am in high school getting ready for college. I know it will be a crazy adventure for me. I have realized that through my achievement I can now live life as I want
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