9/11 Reflection Paper

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9/11 was the largest terrorist attack in modern history. With 2,993 deaths and over 8,500 injuries, the United States would never be the same. From all of the firefighters that risked their lives and many losing their lives, to all of the unknown heroes that were in the building when it collapsed, the same thing was going through everybody's mind, to get back to their families. Race did not matter, gender did not matter, sexuality did not matter. No matter who the person was next to you, the goal was to help them out of the building alive. Many of the lucky survivors lived to tell the tale of everyone else’s acts of heroism. 9/11 was one of the best displays of citizenship in history. Thousands of firefighters let people by infront of them…show more content…
Race, gender, sexuality, religion, nothing mattered. The country is becoming more and more diverse each year. The LGBT community has gained rights for marriage, there was the first African American president, I could go on longer. Now it may seem like everybody would be helped no matter who they are in any situation, even if it is as small as someone shouting racial slurs at another, but in 2001 not everything was the same. Rights were definitely not as equal as they are now, but still everybody was treated with such respect. That is a lesson to…show more content…
2 hours and 25 minutes after the sun rose, the North Tower of the World Trade Center was hit by a commercial airplane. What happened from there made history. 15 years later Manhattan has rebuilt. A brand new building named “One World Trade Center” was built, the tallest building in the western hemisphere and the sixth tallest building in the world. Many lessons have been learned from this attack, like to make buildings that could physically withstand a plane crash without collapsing, or to make the security for entering planes much more secure. The most important lesson to learn from the attacks of 9/11 is the citizenship that was used that day. Everybody was worth something that day and nobody was pushed down or left behind. If only one thing could be remembered about this day, it would be to treat everyone like it might be their last day. Treat everybody with

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