9/11 Research Papers

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The iconic World Trade Center was located in downtown Manhattan. 110 stories high looking over the city. “More than 10,000 workers were involved in building the World Trade Center complex.” (World Trade Center) It was a dream come true for American citizens, 200,000 people visited these iconic towers daily. But this dream would soon turn into a nightmare. The disaster of 9/11 was filled with villains, heros, and tragedies, but why would someone attack America and how did the people handle it. It started out as a normal Tuesday on September 11,2001. An airport security supervisor, Claudia Richey, stops a man that she thinks she saw on a police sketch. She tells her coworker but he assured her there was no connection and the man passes to his…show more content…
Officer Moira Smith she was on scene during the attack and rescued numerous people. One of Smith’s fellow officers said,”...on a number of occasions she had come out of the World Trade Center, carrying people out, then gone back in. She had the opportunity to leave and she chose not to.”(Heros to Remember). Smith died a hero on that day risking her life for others. Special Agent Leonard Hatton was on his way to work that fatal morning when the towers were struck and he responded immediately. Although Hatton wasn 't tasked with responding to emergencies he still went and saved many lives. He served the country as a Marian, a firefighter, an FBI agent(Heros to Remember) and he gave his life during the country’s time of need.
Ordinary people came to do amazing things on this day including Tom Burnett who was the COO and vice president of Thoratec Corporation and was on flight 93 when he noticed it had been hijacked like the others. Himself and other passengers decided to fight back and gain control of the plane. It didn 't make its destination but landed in a rural Pennsylvania field. The intended target was the White house and if it wasn 't for Burnett and the other passengers fighting back, it would have made it there(Heros to
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