9/11 Short Stories

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“Let's go out for a walk on this fine summers afternoon!” said Mary to Casper putting her dishes in the sink. “Alright let me go grab my coat and we’ll head out.”Casper shoved his biscuit in his pocket for later. As they headed out the door there was a strong wind that almost blew them away. “Shall we go to the lake?” asked Mary. “Sure!” Casper said excited. They walked fastly until they finally got to the lake. They ran onto the old bridge that creaked when they took every step. They sat there for a while and watched the waves crash and crash. “Hey look! Some stones.” exclaimed Casper. The stones were different sizes, some small and some large. “Let’s see who can throw them the farthest.” “Alright.” Mary moaned knowing Casper was going to win. They both stepped off the bridge onto the sand and picked up a stone and counted to three. 1, 2, 3! The stones skipped on the water…show more content…
“Maybe he went to the other end of the water and went back home, Mary thought. So she started to go home. The monster finally stopped but was still holding on to Casper. It swam up to the water surface and stared at him. “HELP!!!” screamed Casper. But Mary was not on the bridge.” The Monster started sniffing Casper’s pocket. Casper reached into his pocket and saw his biscuit from breakfast. “This is what you want? This is why you took me? Just for a biscut? It’s soggy and wet.” But the monster took it and gulped it all down in one bite. Suddenly Caspers let was free. He swam as fast as he could to get away from the monster not knowing if he would take him again. He got to the bridge and got out of the water.”MARY!?” He tried to find her but she was no where. Casper started to head home. As he got to the doorstep he saw Mary sitting there crying. “Casper!!” Mary said hugging him.“I can’t believe you’re here!’’ I thought you came back to the house but when i got here you weren't . I thought u were….

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