9/11 Short Stories

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The old tracks clicked in the night, a soft hum of noise in an otherwise empty space. A smiling cartoon figure watched over it all, its eerie smile sticking out like a sore thumb in the somber mood the night had cast over the park. Long shadows were casted on the sidewalk, which were colored with spilled ice cream and leftover popcorn. A janitor swept them up absent-mindedly, his crisp whistle echoing around the still air. His back was to the castle, the pride and joy of the happiest place on earth. He didn’t notice the roller coaster, climbing into the sky. Stretching to the moon, it kept its steady rhythm of click-click, click-click. All at once, noticed only to the lone passenger, it fell, plummeting to the earth like a meteor, leaving…show more content…
No clicks, only muffled screams. This rollercoaster did not plummet on the path, no, it tipped off the tracks. It was suspended in mid-air only for seconds, before gravity grasped its meaty hands around the car and forced it downwards. The janitor kept his whistling, busy in his thoughts; not to blame. It was silent until too late. The coaster was right above him now, howling as it split the air in two. Only then, did he glance up into the face of death. And someone looked back. The janitor threw himself out of the way, somehow picking up his heavy frame and rolling a couple yards away. He missed impact by inches. Heavy metal crashed next to his face, and with it an unearthly screech made itself known, almost blowing out his eardrums. He turned away, in a futile attempt to save himself. The janitor could feel a wave of heat gush over his back, and a couple shards of debris rained down around him.The rollercoaster fell...off the tracks. The thought came to the janitor slowly, as he picked himself up off the ground. His knees were bloody, scraped and skinned from the rough asphalt. His weak joints protested as he waddled over to the wreckage, curious and frightened at the same time. He glanced up to the

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