9/11 Shout Outs Analysis

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9/11 Shout-Outs: A 9/11 shout-out is a reference to the September 11 terrorist attacks. They are meant to show the significance on a cultural item. Melnick compares the concept of “shout-outs” to name-dropping in hip-hop songs. 9/11 shout-outs are essential towards American Studies on the grounds that they add profundity to 9/11, and “add dimension to what might otherwise appear flat or lifeless” (Melnick 151). The Budweiser advertisement during the 2002 Super Bowl is a 9/11 shout-out, which featured the trademark Clydesdale’s bowing in front of the Statue of Liberty to remind viewers to pay respect to New York City. The shout-outs are meant to reevaluate the events on September 11th 2011 and to describe them in a more creative and exciting way. Anti-Monumental Art or Culture: Anti-Monumental Art or Culture is a collection of artists who created works of art that questioned what America really stands for. The art displayed showed how regular American’s felt about September 11th not how the government portrayed it. A few examples of Anti-Monumental art include Superman being wounded, a weeping Statue of Liberty, and Superman beholding the real heroes.…show more content…
The song portrays the pride and honor of being selected to wear a Green Beret. The song shows pride in the Army, but also a depressing view on the war. The song is an important feature when studying American Studies because it exposes how patriotism has changed over time. The song was intended to worship the troops in Vietnam when moral was low. “Ballad of the Green Berets” helps the listener comprehend the pride and bravery that it takes to be a green beret and although the song is very patriotic; it gives a clear representation of war and how Sadler’s opinion has affected the words to a great
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