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Have you ever listened to a song more closely? Have you ever tried to figure out what the song means in deeper meaning? A lot of songs have meanings but some are harder to tell what they actually mean without analyzing them deeper. The song “Wake Me Up When September Ends” by Green Day comes off as a happy song because of the cheerful instruments and fast tempo; however, the actual lyrics of the song suggests the deeper meaning of death of all of the innocent people involved with 9/11 and how people cope with a horrible tragedy.
During the great song, “Wake Me Up When September Ends”, it is talking about how 9/11 effected the United States and how we coped with it. According to the first verse, “Summer has come and passed” (Green Day). The
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Green Day explains this in his verses, “Here comes the rain again”, “Falling from the stars”, “Drenched in my pain again” (2003). During the verse “Here comes the rain again”, he is talking about all of the tears that are being shed during this tragedy as people are trying to cope with the deaths of family, friends, and innocent people (Green Day). In the next verse “Falling from the stars”, he is talking the plains coming down to create this catastrophe (Green Day). Green Day has stated in the next verse “Drenched in my pain again” and this verse means that he is still hurting and that so many others are hurting from the tragedy of 9/11 (2003). He then begins to talk about how his and our memories will never forget what we have lost, according to Green Day’s verses, “Becoming who we are”, “As my memory rests”, and “But never forgets what I lost” (2003). These three verses are probably the most important in this song. The first of the three is talking about how people turn out to be in this world. The second verse is talking about memories that we had with the loved ones taken on 9/11. People are never going to forget this day, especially those who were involved in the tragedy. The last verse talks about never forgetting what you have lost. He is trying to tell us that just because something bad happens, does not mean that we are going to be able to forget about the
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