9/11 Sporting Events

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In the narrative “Many sporting events called off or postponed” and the article impact on 9/11 are basically talking about the negative effects of the sad incident that happened in America on September/11/2001.

In “ Many sporting events called off or postponed”, the writers noted a day after two planes crashed into the world trade center that it caused some scheduled sporting activities to be cancelled, so they wrote “ The terrorist attacks yesterday caused the cancellation or postponement of numerous sports events in the United States”( F. Litsky and L. Williams 2001).
They went on to tell us about how some of the teams and their officials are handling the situation which I guess it would change how they play their games years on. Some of the sporting events affected were hockey, boxing, golf, minor league baseball, horse racing and auto racing.
Another notable thing that happened in German hockey team was that “The Nuremberg Tigers, who have three American players,
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He said , “ The sports world was buzzing, Michael Jordan was coming back, Barry Bonds was chasing a home run record and Venus and Serena Williams had made history the previous night, playing each other in a Grand Slam final for the first time” (Paulsen .2007). But everything that happened on the next day September/11/2001 took away all the joy and excitement. Paulsen (2007) said “Anyone rolling out of bed that morning who happened to turn the dial to Sportscenter was not greeted by the highlights of the previous night’s Monday Night game”. All the major and small television networks were showing a “simulcast coverage of the attacks on America” Paulsen (2007). Decisions had to be made to cancel sporting events, some of them are 15 major league baseball, even the winter Olympics that was going to take place in Salt Lake the following year were almost going to be
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