9/11 Terrorism Impact

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The 9/11 terrorists attack impacted the culture, politics and, economy of the U.S by their attitude and concerns about safety. Now they have national securities and defense everywhere. Back then we would always go to war after the 9/11 attack, war never ended it’s still going to keep going, but now they just have way more supplies to defend themselves with. Anything you do now as a crime and you are not from this country you’re getting deported .there’s also cameras everywhere now then before they didn’t have as many cameras and didn’t really know about all the crimes happening until after the event of 9/11. So much has been updated since then it’s unbelievable how they know everything that’s going to happen before it even happens, and when…show more content…
It helped influence the government to secure and prevent the violence, and by them catching a lot of information from the al-Qaida team and how they had set everything up to keep on doing bombings, etc. It helped the economy by the Obama Care.

The government response to the threat of terrorism after the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center contribute to the success of the 9/11 attacks was that they took it seriously, they tightened up security, for example like Donald Trump he’s trying to take down the borders and deport people who don’t belong here.

My estimation from the video that was compelling and interesting to me was how they got the guys from the al-Qaida team and they got to see and find everything on the computer that they had left when the apartment they were in was catching on fire, everything that was on the computer was every place they had a place for bombing, so it was actually interesting seeing their set up and everything they had left behind. My other interest from the video was how I got to see all the actions after the planes hit the buildings and what had happened to the buildings and how they

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