9/11 Tragedy

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Introduction Event of 9/11 without a doubt considered to be one of largest disastrous American society has experienced. The shock society underwent uncountable. Nobody could expect to happen those events. Even the security services of US could not prevent the terrorist attack. Discussion and Synthesis The results of tragedy have alarmed American government so that new measures of security required to be applied all over across the country. Especially in public affairs like sports games. Many events were postponed on the weekends after the outbreak of terroristic acts. Among those events were 15 major baseball games, games of major League of soccer and National Football League (Litsky & Williams, 2001). What is important to mention that even those who were abroad also made the decision to hold participation in sport events. According to Julie Foudy, one of the American stars, they held a security briefing and many sportsmen were ordered to stay in groups in a hotel (Litsky & Williams, 2001). However, despite the fact of early stages after the crisis, while many sports organization were trying to keep in save their members, people with time have overcome panic. Even more, many have found relief in sport, which was considered to be the most efficient way to overcome shock. According to Rudolph Giuliani, people were pulled out of the despair thankfully to the play sessions of the New York Yankees (McClintock, 2004, p. 284).…show more content…
As this can be seen in the many sports organization decided to postpone their public activities to keep precious players from the threatening

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