9/11 Reaction Paper

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Everyone has a Story Can one imagine a world where people undergo such insanity, that they willingly go on suicide plane missions? Neither could the United States before September 11, 2001. The 9/11 terrorists attacks, lead by an Islamic group al-Qaeda, devastated the country. This group so heavily believed in their religion, that they wanted to create an independent Muslim State. The tragic event of 9/11 impacted everyone in the United States, whether or not they were present at the terrorists site of attack. Everyone felt hopeless and worthless because they could do nothing to help. An adult witness to 9/11 in 2001, TJ Zimmerman, possess memories that he wants to share about this historical tragedy. The event of 9/11 affected many people,…show more content…
Zimmerman. He never heard or saw of anything like this. The thought never entered his mind that this could happen on such a large scale, resulting in so many deaths. Mr. Zimmerman felt very disappointed in what our world turned into. TJ Zimmerman’s initial impressions included shock, horror, disbelief, anger and sadness. Shocked that anyone could and would do this. As he watched the live news as the towers fell made him feel awful. He could just imagine all the people trapped in the buildings. He felt anger at the perpetrators and felt so sad for everyone who died. He felt immense sorrow for the lost loved ones and for our nation. Mr. Zimmerman will never forget the images embedded in his mind. He will never forget the images of the planes hitting the towers, people jumping from the towers, the towers falling, the people on the streets of NYC covered in ashes, the Pentagon building after the crash and the field where Flight 93 crashed in Pennsylvania. Also, the image of President Bush reading books to elementary school children and his staff coming over to him, to whisper the news of the attack in his ear stays in his mind. The attacks made him angry with the terrorists. Mr. Zimmerman supported doing all this world could do to get rid of him. It made him sad and he felt awful for everyone who lost their lives and their loved ones. Personally, Mr. Zimmerman did not fear flying after 9/11. Reminded of the many extra security measures in place, every time he flies. During his childhood, protocol consisted to take drinks, lighters, and even small knives through security. Shoes did not have to be taken off. Airports did not obtain metal detectors. Other than that, it just still makes him sad and also made him greatly respect the firefighters who gave their lives to save others. Mr. Zimmerman’s view on the world did change. He thinks it made him more aware of some of the hatred that other cultures and religions undergo
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