90mph Fastball Research Paper

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Have you ever wondered how some basketball players can consistently make shots? Have you wondered how baseball players hit a 90mph fastball? There is more to it than just talent, it is math. Researchers have discovered new ways and techniques for players to perfect the game by using math. It could be used in all different kinds of sports. For example, in basketball you use different kinds of angles in every play, and in football you need to know how to run and create plays. In baseball you need to time the ball perfectly in order to have the best swing. In all of these sports math acts like a steroid, it makes a team have an advantage over another team. Only a few teams have just started using math to help them improve, but soon teams from…show more content…
It is not based on throwing to a certain target, or tackling someone. The game of basketball is based around shooting. Shooting can be difficult at times because you have to adjust the amount of force you put into your shot depending where you are shooting from on the court. For instance, you would need more force if you are shooting a 3-point shot rather than a 2-point shot. Adjusting your shot is hard, but making multiple shots in a row is even…show more content…
According to research and feedback from professional baseball players hitting depends on how you time the baseball. Hitting depends so much on timing because if you hit a baseball too late you 're going to either miss the ball, or hit it foul. If you hit a baseball too early you 're going to do the same as hitting a ball late. But if you time the ball perfectly it will hit the proper impact point at just the right time. Now you 're probably thinking that baseball players should just time the ball perfectly, but there’s more to it than just that. Let 's say a batter is going up against a pitcher that throws 85mph. That batter only has .485 seconds to react to that ball. People do not understand how baseball players react so fast. It is pretty simple, they practice. As some say practice makes perfect, and it does. Many baseball players spend hours and hours in the batting cages practicing their swing to try and make it

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