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“It is my belief that all young people have the ability to achieve at high levels, and it is our responsibility to ensure that they do… This includes having high expectations for students to succeed academically, socially, in their college and career pursuits, and in life”
–Antwan Wilson Superintendent of the Oakland Unified School District
Community To Be Served
For every seven students that earn a diploma from the Oakland Unified School District, three of their peers will never make it to graduation day. In a school district that educates more than 37,000 students, a graduation rate of 67% means that more than 12,000 will drop out before graduating from high school. A disproportionate number of these students are minorities and students
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We will focus our efforts on recruiting students from the West Oakland and San Antonio communities. More specifically, the zip codes we will be targeting in the Oakland area are 94606 (West Oakland) and 94607 (San Antonio). There are five elementary schools, one middle school, and two high schools that are public within the 94606 zip code. In the 94607 zip code there are three elementary schools, one middle school, and two high…show more content…
Ethnically diverse, the communities aforementioned are challenged with high rates of poverty low rates of educational attainment. Economically, Oakland and the 94606 and 94607 zip codes are trailing the state average in terms of median household income and unemployment. The median incomes are as follows: California median income of $61,094, Oakland median income $52,583, San Antonio median income $37,895, West Oakland median income $34,000. The unemployment rates are: California 6.3%, Oakland 5.5%, San Antonio 11%, West Oakland 14%. Only 58% of the residents of San Antonio completed high school and only 16% hold a Bachelor’s degree, whereas the high school graduation rate is slightly higher at 66% with 25% of the residents completing

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