A Bad Case Of Stripes Analysis

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A Bad Case of Stripes, by David Shannon, is a story about a young girl named Camilla Cream, who loves lima beans. She keeps this hidden from her classmates out of fear of what others might think of her. On the first day of school, Camilla wakes up and discovers she is completely covered in rainbow stripes. Throughout the story, Camilla’s skin begins to take on the appearance of everything people says she has. For example, someone says “checkerboards” and her skin develops a checkerboard patten. No one can seem to figure out what is causing the stripes and Camilla is become more and more worried. Finally, a little old woman persuades her to eat some lima beans. Camilla is worried at first but then agrees to eat the lima beans. To her surprise, the lima beans successfully transform her back into a normal being. At the end of the story, Camilla finds joy in being different and is no…show more content…
In the story, Camilla is teased by her classmates and is even talked about on the news- both of which affect her mental and physical states (Fletcher, 2017). When students read and discuss stories about bullying, they gain a better understanding of its effects and how to deal with similar situations in their own lives. Teaching and Learning Roadmap
Lesson Title: Bibliotherapy Lesson Plan
Subject/Topic Area: ELA Grade or Developmental Level: 4th
Context for Learning:
What do students already know that is relevant to this activity, or what skills do they already have, and how do you know it?
Are the students interested and ready to engage?
What factors might enhance or impede learning, and how will you address them? Class Demographics:
This fourth grade class is comprised of 12 students of different genders, races, religions, and cultures.
Two students are identified as gifted and several have distinct learning
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