Character Analysis: A Bad Day For Voodoo

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In the invigorating novel A Bad Day for Voodoo we follow the main character Tyler Churchill as he goes through the struggles of his sophomore year, unfair teachers, girlfriend problems, and losing a voodoo doll powerful enough to kill. When Tyler’s history teacher accuses him of cheating Tyler’s friend Adam says he has a plan to get back at Mr. Click for failing Tyler’s test. The next week Adam shows Tyler the plan, a voodoo doll that, rather poorly, resembles Mr. Click. Tyler, like most of us if we were in such a situation, does not believe that this voodoo doll will be anything more than a scam and a waste of money. However, when Tyler sticks the doll in the leg Mr. Click’s leg flies across the room and he ends up at the hospital. During this Tyler and Adam freak out over the fact that the doll is much more powerful than either of them could have dreamed of this leads to Tyler and Adam having a fight about what they should do regarding the doll, do they keep it or throw it away? During this fight the doll smashes against the wall of its box and it’s neck breaks. Fearfully Adam and Tyler look on the local news and find that Mr. Click died…show more content…
Tyler, Kelley, and Adam are picked up by the cops and driven home. Once they got to their respective houses their parents grounded them and Tyler’s parents took Tyler to the hospital for his injuries and made Kelley and Adam take the cops to the chop shop so that they would get the car back. Tyler, Kelley, and Adam quickly decided that they would not tell anyone about the doll and say that the carjacker kidnapped them and took them to the chop shop and when the the carjacker turned on his gang they were to scared to try and get away. Adam and Kelley lead the cops to the chop shop and down the tunnel where the found the remaining gang member, unconscious and with rat claw marks up and down his
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