A Barbaric Act: The Tragedy Of Ronald Reagan

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“A barbaric act” it was called by the great Ronald Reagan. In this tragedy a Korean jumbo jet crashed by the hands of the soviets. It happened on the day of September 5, 1983. It had 269 passengers including a U.S congressman that went down. All 269 civilians died from the crash where it landed in the area near Japan. This situation caused chills and many tensions in the cold war. The incident that killed 269 people had no survivors and everyone did their best to figure out why. Many reporters did many research and some even had the tape of the pilot talking to the home base and the tape of the pilots talking in the Korean airline 007. The tape of the Korean plane was 30 minutes long and it played when the airplane…show more content…
did their best to defend themselves for 5 days and made many things saying that the Soviets tried warning the plane or trying to get the plane’s attention and didn’t work and many other ideas like that. The pilot that was given the mission was interviewed and talked about what he had to do and the instructions he was given. In the end the Soviets finally said in a conference that the U.S.S.R did shoot the Korean airline down and that they would do it again if they had to or needed to. After the day of September 5th, chills went down people’s spines and left people concerned why the Soviets would do such a terrible thing. The president of the U.S. Ronald Reagan called it a horrible thing. He used this to help him in the cold war against the Soviets. Over time some critics said that it was the U.S.’s fault for the cause of the shooting of flight 007. But in result the grand plane of flight 007 crashed from the menacing Soviet Union. Because of it we lost 269 innocent lives that cannot be replaced. One little mistake of auto-pilot and hundreds lost by the Soviets. The U.S.S.R. made excuses and made up stories to not get in trouble for a week even though The U.S had proof of the stories being made up and the Korean plane making a mistake on accident. In the end the Soviets did fess up and said in a conference that the Soviet Union shot down the Korean airline flight 007 and would do it again if need be or if they wanted to so be careful where you
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