A Battle Between A Samurai And A Knight Analysis

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Who Would Win in a Battle Between a Samurai and a Knight?
Although knights and Samurai have a lot of superior advantages, I believe that the knights have more, and that they will win in a hand to hand combat battle. They have better armor, trained from a young age, and have great weapons. The first way that knights have an advantage is that they have better armor. In document D, written by Terry Bennett, it states that knights wore complete suits of metal armor on their whole body. This supports my claim because armor decided the outcome of most of the battles in the middle ages, and they could reflect the blade from the samurai. Another piece of evidence that supports the claim is in document D written by Terry Bennett, it says that they made Samurai wear more armor due to their extra advantage of sharp armor so they could pounce their enemies. Shortly Thereafter,
The second way that Knights would have an advantage in battle is that they trained being a knight at such a young age. In document C2, written by PBS, It states” ...A future knight’s training began at the age of four or five with learning how to ride a pony. This teaches them at a young age how small responsibilities will impact you in life after all. It
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In document C2, written by PBS, it says “... This included practice with blunted (less sharp) or wooden swords…”. This gives them more training with these weapons, and helps then exceed their high standards to be able to master weapons being a knight. It also says in the Warriors video by the History Channel, it states,”The weapons are sharper than the Samurai’s armor…”. This will help the knights decapitate and cut through their armor, causing the samurai to get new armor. Lastly, Document D written by Terry Bennett, says that the knights had made guns, and that the samurai were forced to wear armor to stop bullet penetration, but it was too heavy to wear on the

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