A Beautiful Day Short Story

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What a beautiful day, I feel much relaxed by watching this sun shower after having a tough time. Oh, I forgot to introduce myself; I am muddy I live in this beautiful house with my family. Now let me introduce my family my mother snoozy, father boxy, and two little sister’s shinny and fatty. My masters little girl Lara named us, and she is a wonderful kid who always take cares of us. My mother used to be very lazy and she always likes to sit in a place and sleep. On the other hand my father is very energetic and a real had worker and very busy yet a caring father. He assists my master to look after his sheep. My mother always tells me that I am the mischievous on. Since I used to drink all the milk, which is kept for my sisters and often I used to play in the mud and make the house dirty. I used to chew shoes since I have only few teeth’s I feel very happy while chewing. My master’s daughter Lara will give us a bathe, but I used to make myself dirty since I don’t like to take bath. She will chase me to give a bath, but I was fast enough to make her tiered. This place is far away from the city, but it was a wonderland since we have plenty of places to play. There is a farm in front of the house where we a beautiful garden with many trees. Different types of fruits grown on that farm like apples, oranges, papayas, jack fruits, apricots and avocados. There is a lake beside the farm where we can see different types of birds in different colours. In the middle of the farm one
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