A Beautiful Mind Comparison Essay

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I am going to show the similarities and differences of how the directors, David Fincher (The Social Network) and Ron Howard (A Beautiful Mind), have represented the main characters’ obsession and how it affects them.
The shots of A Beautiful Mind consists of mainly medium, high angle and low angle shots. John Nash is often shot in a medium shot this shows him in relation to his surroundings. The film uses colour as symbolic of good and evil for example when John Nash is at home later in the movie he wears beige (light good colours) to show that he is the good guy ,while the character he imagines his friend Charles being in the room and he is wearing black (dark evil colours). During scenes where the lead Nash was in a great mood or was having
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The long shot is used to show Mark Zuckerberg running down a road which is not very well lit ,highlighting the fact that he isn’t in a good place tight now with his emotions and later on in the movie when Mark Zuckerberg is being questioned by lawyers the room is well lit and bright highlighting hope for Mark .The medium shot that is used in the opening scene is the one of the male character walking up to his apartment door showing the characters emotion in relation to where they are. The cinematic techniques used create an effective meaning to the viewers, making them want to carry on watching it as it leaves us wanting more because the ending of the opening scene is an opening ending. As it’s an opening ending leaving the audience wanting more as it creates high hopes and at the same time excitement, and with the tension used to draw the audience in makes the audience want to carry on watching it and wanting more.
Therefore the two movies A Beautiful Mind and The Social Network are both based in a university but The Social Network is more modern as they have face book, while A Beautiful Mind is during the war. But they are both movies about geniuses using their brains to do something
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