Malcolm X Homemade Education

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While serving time in the Norfolk Prison Colony, Malcolm X taught himself handwriting, reading, and critical thinking by copying an entire English dictionary page by page. His insatiable desire for knowledge changed his world forever as he plowed through pieces of history and works of literature. In fact, Malcolm X declares in his autobiography, “I never had been so truly free in my entire life...As I see it today, the ability to read awoke inside me some long dormant craving to be mentally alive” (Shrodes et al. 94, 99). His homemade education not only enabled him to understand himself, history, and the world, but also laid the foundation upon which he led, spoke, and wrote.

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All of the colors represent the different races in the world and the objects inside stand for the characteristics people possess. Within the heart of every person resides a set of aspirations, beliefs, dreams, fears, and hopes. Each person looks the same on the inside. In the end, people must decide whether they shall use their lives to either harm or help others.

Hurston chose to assist others and live positively by refusing to let her past and her skin color to define her identity. Instead of allowing the darkness of slavery to depress her, she focused on the present privilege of living freely as an American citizen. This freed her to remain herself and not conform to the image others projected upon her. Nothing could change her perspective. She viewed the world from the lens of the Bible.

Zora Hurston believed in God. She references Him in her essay by calling God "the Great Stuffer of Bags". Instead of allowing society to dictate her identity, she rested upon the truth of Scripture. Finding peace as an image bearer of God and an ambassador of His grace to the world, she found supernatural self confidence and love for herself. As a result, she writes, "It astonishes me. How can any deny themselves the pleasure of my company? It's
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From Malcolm X we can learn how knowledge provides us with the ability to understand and change ourselves and the world. Education done correctly can transform ignorance consumers into wise contributors.

From Alice Walker we can learn how accepting ourselves will enable us to enjoy life. Instead of living in fear and shame of our weakness or negative qualities, we can find freedom.

From Zora Hurston we can learn how our past and race fails to truly define our identities. Rather the collective components within us created by God, show who we really
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