Leonardo Da Vinci Research Paper

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PIONEER IN AVIATION 1.0 INTRODUCTION Figure 1 This person is known as Leonardo da Vinci.He is a famously renowned Italian polymath, polymath is a person who’s skills span over a different number of areas.Some of the areas of interest of his were inventing,painting,science,music,astronomy,history and writing.Polymath is also known in another term which is polyhistor.Leonardo was born on the 15th of April 1452 in Vinci, Republic of lorence which today is known as the present-day Italy and died on the 2nd of May 1519 at Amboise in France at the ripe age of 67.He was mostly famously known for his work in science and art.He is also considered as one of the greatest painters of all time and also regarded as one of the best inventors with his…show more content…
One of Leonardo’s famous inventions was also known as ornithopter.The design for this invention was clearly fueled by the flight of winged animals which he hopes to reproduce in a form where humans could use.For this invention it is said that he used bats,kites and birds as his source of inspiration.This machine had a wingspan of 33feet and its frame is made our of pine wood and covered with raw silk to create a light but stable structure.This machine is said to be powered by a crank connected to a rod and pulley system which meant that the pilot needed to power the machine with a hand and foot crank.This machine’s wings were designed to twist when they flapped.Sadly,although the machine is capable of flight but no body could create enough power to lift the machine off the
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