A Biography Of Simon Bolivar: El Liiberator

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Braden Neal
Deborah Gill
Spanish 131Y
19 November 2014 Simon Bolivar: El Libertador He is known as America’s second Washington. El Libertador, Simon Bolivar, is one of the most famous men in Latin American history. Liberator of 6 countries from tyrannical Spain’s rule, he was instrumental in then forming the political sphere of Latin America later in his life. It is surprising then that most people outside of Latin America have never heard of Bolivar. Leading some of the greatest military feats in history, Bolivar deserves to be known. Because of his prestigious upbringing and education in the early years of his life, his valiant efforts in leading the revolutionaries to independence, and his political career of becoming one of the most powerful men in history, Simon Bolivar is one of the greatest men in world history. Bolivar was born to a wealthy Creole family in Caracas, Venezuela, on July 24, 1783. He was orphaned at an early age with the death of his father at age three and mother six years later. Bolivar was exposed to teachings of the Enlightenment from his mentor Simon Rodriguez. Writers such as Voltaire and Rousseau heavily influenced Bolivar in his later political philosophies, giving him inspiration to lead Latin America’s nations in the war for independence from Spain. At age 16 Bolivar traveled to Spain to continue his education. It is here where he met his wife, María Teresa Rodríguez del Toro y Alaysa. They later returned to Venezuela to visit when his
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