A Blessing And Predators Comparison

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The poems “A Blessing” and “Predators” can be the same or different because both have different animals but they act differently. In the poems “A Blessing” and “Predators” there will be comparing and contrasting in both poems, “A Blessing” and “Predators” Both poems “A Blessing” and “Predators” they both have tamed animals in both poems because the horses are tamed in “Blessing” and they are surrounded by fences/barbed wire so, they can’t get out on page 139 and paragraph 5 it says “We step over the barbed wire into the pasture” and on “Predators” they have cats and dogs who are tamed too. They are both different because in the poem “A Blessing” has peaceful and calm animals and the horses peaceful because they nuzzled on a person’s hand on

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