A Block Party Analysis

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Family isn't always by blood, it's by the ones who are always there and care for you. That is the theme is Block Party by Jewell Parker Rhodes. A family is split up and they live in a small house with many family members in it. The people in the community throw many block parties celebrating their freedom. Anyone can plan the parties. They are great fun parties and the fun is endless. They dance and party and just come together as a community all have fun and party. The family went through ups and downs. Struggled, the girls mom divorced but now they live in a small house with 6 other family members. They had hard times. The dad, aunt and grandpa all went off while the grandma took care of the kids. They didn't have it easy, but they had there neighbors to fall back on. It says in the text "Lots of women acted like my mother, bossing me, feeding me. Many would hold me on their laps and tell me stories about High John the Conqueror or John Henry. Some felt no shame about whipping out a comb and fixing my hair when they thought I looked too raggedy". This really shows how as a community and family they help…show more content…
Parents laughed and kids played. Reading the story made me smile. It just seemed lik a happy great time for everyone, Never wanting the fun to end. And the unbreakable bond between all of them showed this theme greatly. "A child—could wake up one day and call for “Block Party Day.” And we’d share ribs, corn, chicken, tater pie, and collard greens, and Miss Sarah who never married always made punch with vanilla ice cream and it would melt into a swishy mess." The families all bring there food and continue on with having a great time. Its an amazing way for everybody to have a great well spent day. Especially for the people who don't have kids or a husband if gives them people to talk to and great entertainment for everyone in
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