A Brave New World Book Analysis

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In order to demonstrate a wider range of comprehension of the novel “A Brave New World”, I decided to write a diary about Bernard’s position throughout the novel, which shows a carping yet courageous voice that demands to be heard. Nevertheless, his desires change as power and prestige comes to him, creating an inner conflict on the character. Considering Bernard´s reality as an Alpha individual, it is noticeable that a formal and intellectual tone prevails as the diary entry develops, and intends to approach critical readers whose interests lie on exploring Bernard´s personality.
In the diary, I aimed to use a first-person language with a technical structure adopting phrases like “They know me as dangerous subversive”, in which
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It is almost like if a battle is taking place inside my chest. I must be honest with myself. I still feel divided. One part of me wanted a change, a radical change. However, the other part was pushing me to stay and rejoice the pride I had just acquired from my recent and unusual discovery named John “the Savage”. I could not predict when my glory days would be over just in the blink of an eye. I certainly ignore how much time I have left to feel secure in the World State, but part of me wants an end. I feel trapped, unable to create my path. My mind keeps trying to dictate my mouth to express a voice that demands an adjustment, a modification, in other words, something else, something different. Although this has been my ambition my whole existence, I must admit that once you have tried the power and the privilege of being accepted by those you have always worshipped, you do anything in order not to lose it.
As I see my reflection in the glass door, my hands cannot stop shaking. I do not longer recognize the man I am staring at. Is it me? Or is it just a hallucination created by those who decide the structure of the system we are forced to follow? I have completely lost myself, I was carried away by my arrogance. I have become what I disgusted the most. Without any doubt, I feel ashamed of myself, but I am allowed to make mistakes because after all nobody has given me anything but mockeries, hatred and
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