A Brave New World Family Analysis

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Love is a strong and powerful word, whether it is towards a family member or a special individual. But according to Aldous Huxley’s rendition of an alternate future where there is a decline in family values and monogamous relationships. We follow the stories of Bernard Marx who is an introvert struggling to fit in the mold that is expected in the society. John the Savage who was born by accident and doesn’t quite fit in the Savage civilization. His mother Linda who was part of the Brave New World society but fell pregnant and was looked down upon and was left at the Savage Reservation to fend for herself and her child. Lenina Crowe who fell for a man in a society that believed love is useless and disruptive. Helmholtz Watson who is only trying to explore…show more content…
We can conclude that the relationships in this society are dysfunctional and non existent. Huxley wants the reader to understand that our relationships aren’t just physical; they need to be mentally and spiritually attached with someone. Often in times we take advantage of our relationships because they can get complicated but they only make you stronger. Huxley also makes it clear that family values are declining in our society. But in the BNW society family doesn’t exist because having a family can lead to heartbreak and further appeal to a dysfunctional member in the society. We see that in the book Huxley wrote, “The director went suddenly pale, stopped struggling and stood, his hands on her wrists, staring down at her horrified. “Yes, a baby--and I was its mother.” She flung the obscenity into the outraged silence; then suddenly breaking away from him, ashamed, ashamed, covered her face with her hands, sobbing.” (Huxley, 151). In the quote above, Linda was speaking to the DHC and how he had gotten her pregnant as she told the whole world that she was a mother. Following this comment
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