A Brave New World-Personal Narrative

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I could tell that it was going to be one of those days. Nothing seemed to go right all day. I was mindlessly sitting at my desk when all of a sudden the classroom door swung open and there appeared… nothing. But the nothingness had some sort substance, because it made the hall look like a mirage.

Time seemed to stop, and I was the only one brave enough to approach it. My fingers stretched out, and I expected to fall through: the hall, no matter how blurry, was still there. I expected to feel the heat of a fire. But rather than heat my arm was emerged in cold and disappeared into thin air.

I quickly jerked my arm back and saw that it was covered in snow. The tiny faces of white chill instantly melted as I looked back at my class …show more content…

I turned my head to see a colossal one, one that must have been at least one hundred times larger than mine. It was veiled in onyx-like scales that reminded me of an empty summer sky; the kind that was so clear yet missing stars that the inklike abyss made it seem like you could see to the edge of the universe.

My head moved up to meet pomegranate eyes and stayed there; I was mesmerized. I tilted to the right as I walked back, taking in the beauty of this magnificent creature. I never once considered that it could use those enormous claws and teeth to hurt me; never once considered backing away in fear. The sheer shock had withheld me from realizing the absence of cold and the presence of heat: the dragon was warming me (not overheating, not burning, warming) me with its breath.

It also took me a moment to realize that I had just made a dragon with my mind! I took a breath as I continued to make eye contact with the dragon— my dragon.

Okay. Okay. I thought to myself. You just made a dragon with your mind. Can-can you make other things with your mind here? I shut my eyes and concentrated; I decided to start small, even though I knew I could make this enormous being. Okay. Just make a cup of hot chocolate. That will prove that this is really what you think it

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