A Brave New World Quote Analysis

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The government wants their citizens to fit in, but citizens should not be forced to think in a certain way. Even the maternal twins do not have the exact same thought every single time. What makes us different is our ideas, our choices. We are all individuals and our thoughts make us unique. In Brave New World society is divided into castes, classes; Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Epsilon. In order of caste from lowest to highest, Epsilons dress in black, Deltas dress in khaki, Gammas wear leaf green, Betas dress in mulberry, and Alphas wear grey.This color division system is obviously to differentiate castes. But the real question is, why do they have a color division system? Why do they have Alpha’s or Epsilon’s? The Hatchery and Conditioning…show more content…
Some people don’t mind being poor because money doesn’t mean anything for them and some people do mind about, physical appearance. These kind of examples bring along rivalry. Rivalry brings thoughts. Therefore thoughts bring danger for the “World State”. Prohibitions are required in a society like the World State to maintain order. Since in the World State everyone is for everyone. “Everyone works for everyone else. We can’t do without anyone. Even Epsilons are useful. We couldn’t do without Epsilons. Everyone works for everyone else (74)…” Everyone is happy because they were taught their cast was the best. It is forbidden to read Shakespeare and Dante since those writers remind people the old times. If people finds out how was world before The Hatchery and Conditioning Centre, the chaos will arise. On the other hand, relationships and marriages are a major part of what makes us human. In the Brave New World, the relationship between sex and any kind of emotion, really, has been removed. The idea of romantic love between two people has also been destroyed. There is no such thing called family and it’s members, they never use the word mother/father since it’s rude to have
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