A Brave New World Symbol Analysis

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Symbols are an important tool in literature, they develop the plot and make the reader think deeper about the meaning behind some of the key aspects of a novel. There are three main symbols in a Brave New World that not only give the novel a deeper meaning but convey the theme and tone. In a Brave New World the three main symbols are books and flowers, soma, and technology. These symbols are important in the novel’s development and convey the theme and tone. Two intertwining symbols in the novel a Brave New World are the books and flowers. They both symbolize the general theme of the book which is control and dystopia. The books and flowers are used to condition certain castes to disliking books and education and disliking nature. It also symbolizes conditioning which is basically a way to control people from birth into liking and disliking certain things. The entire…show more content…
Soma is a drug that produces artificial happiness and keeps you at a perfect equilibrium between happiness and sadness. This also symbolizes control but in a different way. They’re trying to control the society so that there is no displeasure, there is no conflict. Soma also symbolizes money in the real world. Money is a lot like soma in a lot of ways it can give you temporary artificial happiness but is not there as a permanent, rock solid source of happiness. The third symbol I chose to discuss in a Brave New World is technology. Technology in a lot of ways sort of symbolizes religion in a Brave New World. Everyone comes from a factory and they even think of Henry Ford as a God. I think it also symbolizes progression but, also digression. Society is extremely advanced and technological in a Brave New World which could be considered progress. However, I consider it digression because people have lost their humanity and their true emotions. It is progress in the sense of technology but digression in the sense of human interaction and human
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