A Bridge To Wise Man's Cove Analysis

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English: • Explain what ‘gaps’ and ‘silences’ are. Good morning ladies and gentleman, I am here today to talk about one of the gaps and silences in the novel ‘A Bridge to Wise Man’s Cove’, now you may be wondering what a gap or a silence is. Well, a gap is a part of a novel where there is no explicit answer and the reader must make assumptions using their prior knowledge of texts and of the culture in order to make sense of it and thereby the reader is expected to complete the gaps in the text. A silence is much harder to detect and understand as the text is constructed by choices made about what to include or exclude. Silences may be conscious or unconscious oversights on the part of the author. They may be deliberate, as when an author chooses not to include some information in a text because it may be too personal, painful or embarrassing, or because it conflicts with the values, attitudes and beliefs they are wanting to …show more content…

Aunt Beryl doesn 't want them to stay with her and after numerous incidents with the police regarding Harley, she says Carl has to get a job if he wants to stay. He gets a one off job with Joy Duncan who lives on an island called Wiseman 's Cove. On the way home Carl meets Skip Duncan, Joy 's husband, the owner and captain of a barge that ferries cars to and from the island. Carl asks for a job there but, after revealing his last name, he is rejected. He learns this is because his grandfather had a car accident that crippled Skip leg for life, and accidentally killed his son. After some consideration, Skip reluctantly lets Carl work on the barge. After Carl starts working on the barge he stars to wash the salt of the cars which boost the popularity of Skip 's barge but it is eventually revealed that a bridge will be built and therefore put all barges out of

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