A Brief Analysis Of Joy Alonso's Two Cheers For Examinations

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Brief Analysis of “Two Cheers for Examinations” by Joy Alonso In “Two Cheers for Examinations,” Joy Alonso identifies the necessity of testing in higher education by debating both the valuable and harmful aspects of examinations. Alonso largely supports examinations, but also admits that there are some drawbacks that come with examinations. She states there are two purposes of examinations: “to test or measure achievements, and to stimulate learning.” In addition to those two reasons, she also makes the argument that examinations also benefit the professor by revealing their teaching strengths and weaknesses. However, an examination can also be impractical, ask a student absurd questions and cause a student unnecessary stress. Despite both…show more content…
By using humor and impartial words, she does not alienate either of her audiences. In addition to her language, Alonso’s argument does not attempt to claim that all aspects of examinations are not without flaws. She also does not dismiss any frustrations that come with examinations; rather, Alonso asks that students and teachers connect examinations to a larger meaning. Alonso wants students and teachers to understand that examinations are a learning process for both students and teachers: a gauge of a student’s academic performance and a gauge of how well a professor taught a topic. Her positive outlooks on examinations often persuade the audience to overlook the negatives. However, Alonso bases her argument on inferences she has drawn from her own personal experiences. For example, a professor will not always admit when they have failed to teach a topic, or acknowledge when they are grading with frustration behind their red pen. Alonso’s conclusions would carry more weight if she were to base them on research. Overall, Alonso has constructed a strong argument about the advantages to examinations that accounts for the different points of view teachers and students
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