A Brief Biography: William Ezzard: A Brief Biography

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William Ezzard: A Brief Biography

William Ezzard, also called Mr. Ezzard by his students, has a life very different from others. He traveled all over the world, found his passion for teaching, and found true love. Down below is a brief article about this mans life up to now.

William Thomas Ezzard, or called Billy by family members, was born on March 1965 in the busy city, New York City. Specifically, Astoria, located in the northwestern part New York City. He enjoyed numerous things about living there, including the schools, museums and the different cultures living around him. Nevertheless, with all places there are dislikes. He didn't like how there were many crowds, and it was too hectic at times. He also didn't like how hot it would get during summers and that
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Ezzard enjoyed very much to help friends with homework or anything they had trouble with when he was younger. In the Peace Corps, he would teach English in the Solomon Islands and Micronesia in schools. This sparked his passion for teaching. Even more, he went to Queens College doing a dual major, meaning he studied two things. Speaking of this, he studied creative writing and American Literature. Now, he is teaching and working at Biddeford Middle School as a writing teacher. Besides teaching, Mr. Ezzards has some other interests. These include writing, reading, digital photography, kayaking, planting and growing Bonsai trees, researching history and collecting antique postcards. By the same token, he has a immense appreciation for traveling. Equally, Mr. Ezzard is a man that loves to travel. Mainly his life was about traveling somewhere new and discovering new things. He states that his most cherished place in the world is a mountain located in Micronesia, Ecot. He also loves the Solomon Islands and he taught in Guadacanal. Wistfully, one of his friends died there. He also wrote a manuscript about Guadacanal consisting of four-hundred
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