A Brief Essay On Courage: What Is Courage

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Courage. What is courage? What does it look like? Does it have a taste or smell? Where Does it come from? These questions seem very difficult to some, but are crystal clear to others. This is a very controversial topic that many people simply do not understand. First off, what is courage? People all over the world read and hear about it everyday. Despite this, many people just can not fathom the idea of it. Courage derives from the latin word ‘Cor’ which means heart, or to have heart. To have courage is to have power. It is the power to have the eyes of an insidious beast looking you in the eyes, and having the power to stare back. Doing the right thing because it is right and not the wrong thing because the wrong thing may have a better outcome is an example of bravery. When we overcome our fears, or simply just face them, even though we are scared, is when we experience fearlessness. Many people portray acts of valor without even realizing. Knowing what courage is and being able to picture it is two different things. How does it look, sound, taste, feel, and smell? It looks like someone who is terrified of life, but chooses to live instead of just being alive. The gunshots ringing from the barrel of a soldier’s gun is how it sounds. The distinct…show more content…
and Nelson Mandela have spoken out against injustice, even though the chance of great personal harm was at risk. These men did not immediately abolish that which they protested. Sometimes facing evil is better than defeating it, because it proves that no matter the outcome you should always stand up to what is trying to scare of diminish you. History’s greatest heroes stood up to evil purely because it was the right thing to do, not because they thought they would walk away with their lives. Though death became of many of these heroes due to their actions, this does not mean they were defeated. The ability to harbor such great courage is a victory in
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