A Brief Essay On Happiness: The Importance Of Happiness

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After asking so many happy people, I found that most people found happiness through one simple thing - by welcoming love into their lives. This does not necessarily mean love for a life partner, but it also meant love for others, love for work, love for adventure, and love for life itself.

It 's hard to be unhappy when you feel so blessed and contented with what you have.

Remember that person who always sits at a chair during a party, and just stares at other people who are enjoying themselves, as she mumbles and grumbles to herself? Well, that 's THE person who has failed miserably in creating her own happiness. Happiness should never be hinged on other people - you must never rely on other people in order to be happy. Happiness is a
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Feel good about yourself. First, one must realize that no one is perfect - we all have imperfections. The sooner we realize this, the happier we will feel about our uniqueness. We are all given talents and strengths, welcome them as blessings into your life. In the same manner, accept your faults and shortcomings because they are part and parcel of who we are as people. Unhappiness stems from thinking that others are better off than we are. Whatever cards we were dealt with, make the most of it. Be contented with who you are, because you 'll never really know who else is wishing that she could exchange places…show more content…
Among all the things listed here, I feel this is the core to one 's happiness. Being dissatisfied and unhappy is usually caused by wanting to have what others have. Some want more money, more fame, a higher position, a happy family life, a great husband, or all in all - a better life. It 's okay to have dreams and aspirations, but you must be willing to work hard for them. And in working towards your dreams, you must be happy, in order to achieve supreme results. Some people, however choose to be happy and satisfied with what they have - which may be the better way to view life in general. Get rid of envy, it will only extinguish all that joy within you. Start being happy with your blessings, for you are luckier than some other people in the world - you can
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