Research Paper On Road Rage

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Road rage is a very dangerous thing that people do, that can end up hurting them or someone else. It's very common in our age or time period. There are ways to deal with road rage. That you can use to help you, in these kind of situation. Even the patient drivers can become with rage, doing thing that they wouldn’t think they would do. Sometimes people don’t know how to protect themselves from a road rage person or even, what causes road rage without them knowing that it happen or that they are the ones who causes it. Also why normally patient people become impatient behind the wheel. Road rage is described as aggressive behavior stemming from a driver’s uncontrolled anger and actions towards the other driver. Sometimes road rage start by other cars driving slow or doing little things that bother you which makes you mad or frustrated to the point that you may what to get them back for the thing that they did to you. Even when they cut in front of you, making you tailgate them( driving to close behind another vehicle) or you just honk at them violently. Which later results you shouting at them or cursing at them for driving to slow or cutting you off on the highway without using turn signals. With all the adrenaline that may be going through your veins, you may want to make them pay for what they have done. If this happens, stop it, get some help. Road rage is known by doctors as…show more content…
Makes you mad at them to the point you feel like you want to hurt them or sometimes you do. People get road rage from time to time but it doesn't mean to hurt them for it. Just relax for a little bit and once your relax go back to driving again. Just realise everybody gets road rage once in there lives or sometimes it happens to you more often than
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