A Brief Look At The Battle Of Omar Bradley

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In June 1944 there was an attack that would last 3 months. It was called D-Day. The Americold General Omar Bradley had participated in the attack and had a chance to lose his life because he joined his troops during the middle of the attack. There were more than 156,000 soldiers that were fighting there those three months ("D-Day." History.com). While Bradley didn’t lose his life, the fact that Bradley was willing to join his troops during the battle, instead of waiting in Britain like most of the generals did, shows that Bradley was a brave man and was willing to do anything to win and ensure freedom for his country and others. Omar Bradley was a reliable man who showed bravery during battle, who was filled with selflessness, who was willing …show more content…

“In June 1944 he joined his troops in the assault on the Normandy beaches and in the initial battles inland” ("Omar Bradley"). He was a brave man and was willing to sacrifice his life for his country. Not only was he brave by joining his men in battle but he was also brave in another way. “He soon rose to commander of the II Corps, which drove through German lines in northern Tunisia, captured Hill 609, took Bizerte, and helped end the war in Africa” ("Omar Nelson Bradley"). This evidence shows that he and his troops tried their best during the battles, and that they wanted the rights of their fellow men and women to be better. After all of the evidence provided, Omar Bradley was a reliable man who showed bravery during the battles he fought and …show more content…

If you're wondering why this information is important, it is because he sacrificed his life for this country and died still serving this country. He was a brave and reliable man who was willing to sacrifice his life for his country and for the freedom of the people. “The Nation today needs men who think in terms of service to their country and not in terms of their country's debt to them” (History.Army.mil) (General Omar Bradley). We may not want to join the Army, but in any other thing you do with your life you should show bravery, and reliability just like General Bradley did when he was alive. As you could tell he loved his country and wanted to see the country thrive and be free from control. General Bradley spent so many years of his life dedicated to the U.S. Army and wanted to see it grow and develop to its

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