A Brief Review Of The Beatles Song 'Penny Lane'

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The song “Penny Lane” by The Beatles (1967) is characterized by a road in Liverpool where the members of the band would meet at the local bus station. Paul McCartney was supposedly sitting at a local bus stop waiting for John Lennon, when he started to write down notes of his town. “Penny Lane” has a wide variety of instruments including trumpets, drums, pianos, tambourines, bass guitars, flutes and many more. The Beatles are known for their rock music that spread across the world from the 1960’s. “Penny Lane” is a very upbeat and jocular song that represented the band perfectly. The Beatles are a group of 4 guys know as John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. The Beatles are very humorous, comical and light-hearted, they are known to play tricks on one another. They are an English rock band that 's music has become very influential to the rock & roll era. During this time it was quite depressing due to the wars and destruction that had been going on. The Beatles had brought a whole new way of looking at life and gave the…show more content…
John Lennon is one of the co-founders of The Beatles, he is singer and songwriter, but what many don’t know is that he had many difficulties due to a disorder called Dyslexia. Paul McCartney was a singer, songwriter, guitarist and composer. His mother passed at age 14 and in the beginning he had trouble playing instruments. George Harrison was a singer, songwriter and guitarist, he was not born into wealth and he fell in love with music at very young age. Ringo Starr gained fame as the drummer for The Beatles, during school he faced many challenges causing him to drop out at age 15 and started working. These four guys experienced a lot of depressing times, but that didn’t change their jovial and witty personality’s. The Beatles changed rock & roll into this a useful and enjoyable time where the fans could really be
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