A Brief Summary Of Abraham Lincoln's Assassination

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Breaking News : Presidential Assassination On the evening of April 14th, 1865, President Abraham Lincoln planned to visit Ford’s Theatre for a delightful evening with his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, to watch “Our American Cousin.” What started as a peaceful evening ended as a bloody murder. President Lincoln and First Lady Mrs. Lincoln, were peacefully enjoying their night out when suddenly a single shot was fired. Reports of the assassination brought distraught to the Union. The investigation began after the assassination and it was reported that the actor John Wilkes Booth, was the assassin of our then and still, beloved President. Manhunts began for John Wilkes Booth and his accomplices soon after. On this tragic day we take time to acknowledge…show more content…
Mary Todd Lincoln’s description of the tragic assassination is that President Lincoln fell forward in his seat in which he sat beside her. In the booth with President Lincoln is said to have sat the First Lady, Mary Todd Lincoln Major Henry Rathbone, and his fiancee Clara Harris. President Lincoln was not the only person injured at Ford’s earlier tonight. Witness reports from audience members state that Major Rathbone was stabbed by John Wilkes Booth in the attempt to stop him from escaping the Presidential Box and Ford’s Theatre alone. Dr. Charles Leale, a military officer watching the play tonight was seen rushing to the Presidential Box to see the damage that Booth had done in the balcony. Major Rathbone allowed Leale to enter the President’s Box to see Lincoln’s wound. Dr. Charles Leale tried helplessly to relieve pressure from Lincoln’s brain by removing blood clots from the gunshot wound. When Leale realized that President Lincoln’s wound was mortal and did not have much time to live, he announced that President Lincoln should not die in a theater, but die with dignity, in a proper
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