A Brief Summary Of Gary's Breakdown

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Synopsis (start of book) : Gary. W Boon 10 years old, year 6 at Floyd Hicks Junior high school, Gary was nominated class clown every year and i know what you think, that that is a good thing but no not for gary class clown for him meant that he was dumb and didn 't know anything Gary had his dreams and he wasn’t going to let anything or anyone interrupt his them. His dream was to be a Stand up comedian, Gary would practice in his room by himself and talk to the posters of other comedians that he dreamed of one day being, on his wall. The night that the talent contest arrives Gary is so nervous he is freaking out, he gets out on stage and pees his pants luckily it doesn 't show because two kids called Joe reed and Matt Utt, who bully Gary run up on stage and throw pies and water at him well he s on stage so the pee blends into the water and it looks like nothing, But overall the crowd thinks that it is a laughing stock they are all standing up and cheering for Gary. At the end of the contest Gray is awarded first place, Gary is over the moon. Now that gary won the contest everyone thinks that he is amazing people laugh at his jokes and don’t call him goone or idiot anymore, people actually acknowledge him. On going plot : It all begins with the author talking about how Gary 's Smile is really ugly and the the author introduces gary and…show more content…
ten… It was Gary 's schools birthday and to celebrate the school was putting on a school talent show so Gary thought this would be his time to perform live on a stage a Late night talk show he had 3 weeks to practice, then Gary could find where to sign up he was asking everyone but no one would tell him because they all thought that he was joking when he said that he was signing up, then the most popular girl who has never talked to Gary ever, Brenda, she came up to Gary and told him whereabouts he had to go, Miss Langley Looked at him and handed him the clipboard to sign up and she said there is a 100 dollar prize for first
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