A Brief Summary Of Jareth's Time In The Labyrinth

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It has been over a decade since Sarah defeated The Goblin King and rescued her baby half-brother, Toby, from his kingdom. Jareth, the Goblin King, has watched as Toby grows up, secretly giving him everything he desired regardless of its attainability, propriety, or scale. Through the years, Toby noticed that his wishes were often fulfilled but never understood why having no memories of his time in the Labyrinth. Jareth lures Toby into his Kingdom by having one of his goblins steal his homework, the theft prompting Toby to give chase. Toby finds himself in the Labyrinth and has to navigate it successfully to reach Jareth’s Castle where he is told his homework can be found. On his journey, Toby meets a range of creatures, including the crotchety,…show more content…
Moppet is shown to live a hard life of constant toil, waking early in the morning to prepare Spittledrum 's breakfast and meekly obeying his commands throughout the day. Moppet is shown to be confused as to her origin, and only has a memory of herself crying atop a heap of junk. Leading on from their capture Toby and his friends are all put on trial and Spittledrum sentences Toby to execution for entering the Labyrinth without permission. Toby is saved at the eleventh hour by Jareth, who orders his release and invites him to a grand ball to be held in his castle the same evening. Many denizens of the Labyrinth and other kingdoms are present at the ball, including Mizumi, Queen of Moraine and her two daughters, Moulin and Drumlin. Mizumi approaches Jareth and draws him into a dance, calling him her fiancée and gloating over a victory she anticipates is soon to be hers. Moppet is also present at the ball incognito, her presence briefly causing Jareth to mistake her for Sarah. At the conclusion of the ball, Jareth announces his abdication and proclaims that Toby is to be his heir. Jareth vanishes, leaving everyone present - most prominently Toby and Mizumi - in
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