A Brief Summary Of William Lee's Story

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In the beginning, Lee was born. He lived a troubled life. His parents treated him like trash and people called him a fat obnoxious pig. He thought to himself if that was true. He could literally eat anything he wanted or anything in the world. Lee could eat anything like metal, glass, chemicals like windex, bleach, Hydrogen peroxide, Sodium cyanide and much more stuff. The best part of all of this is that he doesn’t get sick or it doesn 't harm his body. When Lee turned 18 years old, his own parents sued him for eating almost everything in the house. After he got sued, he joined the military. He said to himself that he was very lucky because he was very slow, he was overweight, and people thought he was weird because he cried out ash. But when he cries he gets…show more content…
This was an advantage because the enemy 's force was in a desert with no plants.. One night, when all the soldiers were all asleep, the enemy force snuck up on all the tents and shot and killed everyone. But Lee could not go to sleep so he went exploring. He found an oasis and started drinking a lot of water. He noticed that a little kid was walking to the oasis. The little boy told him that he knows how to predict the future. Lee said to him, “prove it then.” Then the little boy said, “ your force is going to be raided in 24 minutes exact”. Lee said, “ that’s not true. The enemy force is 57 kilometers away. “ After that, Lee went back to his force. By the time he came back, he noticed that there were enemy cars leaving from the team base and all of the tents were on fire or destroyed. He quickly rushed and saw that all of his teammates were dead and the general was missing. He cried and his eyes turned on fire and the ash was pouring out of his eyes. He got furious and started chasing the cars . He ran for miles and miles. Lee got tired every 3 minutes and he groaned but he really wanted to see who

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