A Bronzeville Mother Loiters In Mississippi: Poem Analysis

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Gwendolyn Brooks, the poem "A Bronzeville Mother Loiters in Mississippi. Meanwhile, A Mississippi Mother Burns Bacon spoke volume to many people during the time it was published and even until this very day. The voice of the poem comes from the woman who they say that Emmet Till made a jester to. She simply relates back to the events that happened to emit till that her husband and brother in law did to young Emmet. In the poem, she called the husband a young prince and Emmett was called a dark villain.
Emmett till was a fourteen-year-old kid from the middle-class neighborhood in Chicago, Illinois. The handsome prince was born July 25, 1941. As a child his nickname was Bobo. He was the only child of Louis and Mamie Till. By the age of five
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Many people were tired of this wrong doing that African Americans were experiencing during that time. Emmett Till is not the only young man that was killed for speaking to a white person. In a since this was the final straw that African Americans had. Many African Americans were tired of being scared or looked down upon by many people who did not know anything about them. All over the world from Chicago all the way to Alabama, many African Americans started putting their foot down and they started standing up and demanding their freedom. It was not fair to be mistreated or looked down on just because of their skin tone. It was not easy for people who were involved in the Civil Rights movement. Many people were beaten, hosed and arrested. Even through all of the trouble that still did not slow them down. Instead of fighting with a fist, African American and several people of different races had boycotts and marches to show that it was time for a change. They felt it was time to say “No justice no peace”. No more would they have to look down or look away when a white person is coming down the street. No more, would they have to explain to a broken hearted child that they cannot spend the night or go over their white friend house because their parents would not allow that. African Americans did not give up on gaining their freedom they fought on for many years so that one day we all would be as one and stand together instead of against each
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