A Brother Lost By Ashley Womble Analysis

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A Brother Lost
The author is Ashley Womble has expressive before a story about title “A Brother Lost” that is happening to her without brother being lost. Sometime can to feel their problem being missing or lost from people important is get poor than can’t found to where a place in town.
The woman is person about like is state from New York never to use homeless with people in a begin lost to help. She says to stranger not someone without poor was not easy found to people were lost happening in your life. Then she to going a walking in the shiny glass tower start at work for glossy women 's magazine. About get to dress, makeup, and model of a fashion anything includes of the book is famous. When to finish at work then to going back something and happening to see person for man being to poor in the homeless of a city on location.
She to know with my little brother is Joy was 2009 been on summer of the day about left to key on the table. Something walking in the house is outside from West Texas in living. About on FBI is workers a social to track his check for friend in missing to poster show for us. Also online for Facebook page is a group want to help about found with them come back again to meet. It 's schizophrenia in the world to listen of
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But can allow to everyone is public begin into place about homeless away to refuse want to hear. Should to respect about your feeling someone had regret about people can’t find to reinforce with him for all time is research. Sometime is a mix of their different in the world being like depression mood about her want to see brother is a missing. Almost like to believe it is goes a make help something him feel good want give me change of the life. He is so happy to own bring new things for clear and she to dream and cried still can’t find a remember about brother away don’t know happening is
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