A Call To Adventure In John Updike's A & P

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When a person goes on a Call to adventure they will experience a new way to see the world. In A&P the main character Sammy quits his job and leaves. He does this cause Sammy sees that his future would lead him to be like Lengel. June from two kind when on her call to adventure by rejecting her mom wanting her to be prodigy. Which allow her to come to terms her mother action the end of the story. I myself took up my calling of adventure by moving away from my hometown. The call to adventure is experience that could take a few minutes or years. It all depends on your action if you wish to keep looking for new moments for your life. I know I’ll keep looking for new moments in my calling of adventure. We first see Sammy in is normal world working…show more content…
Her mother made June do task in hopes of she be good at it. The task range from acting to testing her on popular magazine clipping. None of which she was at good cause she her mother want to much out of her and June would go against her mother wish for her to be something better. Eventually she learn to play the piano. Her mother didn’t understand was June wasn’t good with the piano at first cause she got caught with pride for her daughter. Which made June for shame and reject her mother for making her to do things she didn’t want to. With that June was about to go on her call to adventure to realize that her mother was just trying to do what was best for when she a child. June learn to come to terms about her when she revisit her mother before her death. She had felt like that there was a shiny trophy in the parent’s living room. The shiny trophy was the piano which you could in apply that she no longer saw it as an object of her mother disappointment but as her mother pride. After her mother death she learn the piano had on it Pleading Child and Perfectly Contented were two halves of the same song. Which represented their relationship and the end of June
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