A Career And Career Goals For A Career

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People always fascinated to find the answer to this question - what do I want to do in life. To disclose the mystery, we seek guidance from our family, friend, mentor, teacher, and even society, culture, environment mold our predilection on setting goals and expectations of life. Like others, this complexity of life bewildered me in my early age. However, all these years one inclination remain unchanged- play a role in making the world a better place. In this conquest, after higher secondary school, I began some research in order to find out a career that possesses considerable influence on socioeconomic change, environmental condition, and most importantly overall development. Then I espied the profession I was looking for, industrial engineer, to explore and implement my talent, ingenuity, and competence since the industry is the central force to the economies of modern societies and an indispensable motor of growth. Yet, working in the industrial milieu as an engineer, I observed that modern industry faces numerous challenges and so extensive study and research are indispensable regarding fundamental and sustainable development. Thus, only by becoming a researcher, I will able to contribute to a greater purpose and live by the ideals I believe in by practicing, developing and sharing new knowledge and ultimately, able to realize the meaning of the life. In this context, my long-term career objective is to pursue a research career, either as a faculty in a
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