A Career As A Baseball Player

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Everyone has a dream to be something and will one day want to fulfill that dream by having a career. A career is something that you would love or like to do, and it all starts out with a game plan. I would like to be a baseball player. First of all, baseball players make a ton of money, and some baseball payers can make up to millions of dollars. In life people are going to need money for different things like food, water, and shelter so, I think I have got that covered. Money can also help others, so I can fund some towards family or friends. Another reason to have money is because baseball does cost a lot because you have to buy your cleats, glove, bats, hitting gloves, helmet, and balls, as you can see having money can be very helpful.…show more content…
Baseball is one of the most active sports, and one of the most fun sports. It is also very entertaining because you are doing something the entire game nonstop. You hit, catch, and more, not only that you get to travel around the world too. For example, when you play baseball you go all around the world to play with different teams, you get to see different sights, and meet new
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